Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right home plan for me?

This process differs from client to client. Sometimes our clients come to us describing aspects of homes they have lived in or visited and would like to replicate. Other times, clients come to us with photos of homes that they like but are not yet everything they want them to be. Now and again, our clients have a home plan that needs just a bit of adjustment. No matter how we get started, Fairway Custom Homes works closely with our architect to create a plan that fits your home site, suits your budget and exceeds your expectations.

How do I finance the cost of my  new home?

In most cases the homeowner is able to obtain a construction/permanent loan. We work closely with several local banks and can often be of assistance in finding the right institution to finance your project.  During the building phase the construction loan is used to make progress payments to the contractor as work is completed. Most banks allow the buyers to lock in a rate 60-90 days prior settlement. When the house has been completed the construction loan is converted into a permanent loan.

What is the average construction time for my home?

We have found that the average planning time takes one to three months. During this time, we guide our clients through the process of turning their home desires and ideas into a detailed set of construction plans. The average build time for our projects is nine months. With careful planning, timely selections, and normal weather conditions, homes can be completed on schedule.

What does it cost to build a new home?

Often we are asked, “How much do you charge per square foot?” The honest answer is that it depends on the home you intend to build. There are a great number of factors which vary from client to client that determine the overall cost per square foot. For example, a two-story home on a crawlspace will have a substantially lower cost per square foot than a ranch style home on a full basement. This is because the two-story home will have a much lower roofing and foundation cost absorbed into the dollar per square foot ratio. Other factors that greatly affect the square foot pricing is the number of windows and doors, complexity of the roof design, as well as the owner’s taste in regards to finishing touches like flooring and cabinetry. We like to work closely with our clients during the design phase to develop a plan that fits within their budget. Our budget typically includes site costs, governmental fees, construction costs and landscaping.

How often is it necessary to meet during the planning and construction process?

We meet with clients as often as necessary to develop a buildable set of plans, generally twice per month. Once the construction details and specifications have been worked out, meetings are less frequent. However, I have found it helpful to either meet or make a personal contact with each homeowner weekly to answer specific questions and make sure everyone is “on the same page.” Someone (either I or one of my superintendents) is available every day to answer questions and supervise every step of the construction process.

How do you maintain your quality from home to home?

Many of the subcontractors whom we use have been working with us for many years and are craftsmen in their areas of expertise. We visit each job site daily and are readily available to answer questions and address construction concerns whenever they arise.

What differentiates your company from the others?

At Fairway Custom Homes, you work directly with the owners. We have experience in real estate, construction and interior design which formulates the whole package.

How many homes do you build at one time?

We generally have 2-4 new homes, as well as 2-4 remodeling projects, under construction.

Do you provide references?

Yes, we will proudly provide a list of references. We have included some testimonials on our website. We take pride in being a responsive company, both during the construction process and after the move has been made.