Demo & Rebuild

house prior to demolitionMaybe you found the perfect home site, but the home that occupies doesn’t suit your needs. Perhaps building a more energy efficient home is your desire? Maybe the current home doesn’t take advantage of the views of the property? Can the home be renovated to achieve some of your needs and wants? We can discuss the options of renovation vs demolition.

partially rebuilt custom homeHave concerns about cost? Demolition may not be as expensive as it sounds. The word alone also sounds daunting. Let us walk you through the process. Together we can design the right home for you and develop a site plan that perfectly sites your newly-designed home on your lot. Fairway Custom Homes can navigate the homeowner association rules and permit process.

rebuilding a homeWe think you’ll find it reassuring that we deconstruct the existing home to salvage items that Habitat for Humanity finds useful for resale. This allows much of the home’s materials to stay out of the landfill. These salvaged items are considered charitable donations and are eligible for tax deductions claimed by the homeowner. You may identify items that you would like to use in your new home and we can incorporate those items into your new home plan.